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Serving Charlotte N.C. metropolitan region since 1978

After more than forty years of developing relationships with our clients, Farris Cooke and Associates understands how to meet your accounting and tax needs.


Business decision makers of today operate in a constantly shifting environment. We use our experience to develop a deep understanding of what is occurring in both the business and tax world to help you navigate that process.

We understand the challenges of today’s accounting environment. From giving advice on new accounting rules, to keeping current with the most recent financial statement disclosure requirements, to staying abreast of the latest in audit requirements, we are always at the forefront in the changes to the accounting process.

Our highly trained professionals are constantly updating their skills to respond to an ever-changing tax code. This commitment to staying up to date lets us guide you though the maze that effect’s business and individual taxpayers alike.

Our mission is to make a difference to the success of our people and clients—to make them more successful, more productive and better positioned to reach their goals. Accomplishing this requires a dynamic relationship characterized by shared communication, enthusiasm and common purpose.

Given all the choices in Charlotte, why do so many respected businesses and individuals choose Farris Cooke and Associates? We believe it has a lot to do with our approach.

We are accessible and dedicated. We take our work—and our clients’ satisfaction—personally. This attitude permeates our firm, from the big issues, like offering clients advice in buying or selling a business, to the little things, like returning calls promptly.

Our people are intelligent and capable, and we do our absolute best to proactively and efficiently guide clients in the right direction. Like you, we are business owners and we know what it takes to run a successful business. We use resources wisely and nurture client relationships.

What’s New

Uncertain tax positions document requests and audit guidelines

IRS is expanding its policy of restraint in connection with the requirement that certain corporations must file Schedule UTP, Uncertain Tax Position Statement. IRS has announced that it will forgo seeking particular documents that relate to uncertain tax positions and...

IRS Alert

IRS Alert

Taxpayers should be aware of bogus e-mails claiming to come from EFTPS. Be Alert to e-Mail Tax Scam

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